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Rob Sims Studio’s,
Celebrity photographer,
7 years Formally Trained,
17 years shooting in the fitness business,
400 covers,
40,000 Tear Sheets,
Head photographer.

World famous magazine photographer, Rob Sims is now published in over 40, 000 tear sheets and averages 20 or more fitness magazine covers every year. His work is featured in 80 of the top magazines, including the top ten men's magazines, and in over 150 TV shows. He owns both FitBody Magazine and FitModels International Magazine.
Sims uses the top hair and make-up artists in the industry who act as the primary set manager, making sure the models are fully prepped and ready to shoot before handing them over to him. His make up artists are always on set, as to provide for the models needs and do touch ups as necessary. He can get a model exposure to over 50 video production companies, TV stations, legitimate producers, and commercial companies. Being such a powerhouse in the fitness industry, Sims has the ability to successfully send a model to the next level in their modeling careers.

Rob Sims always asks models a few questions before he shoots them, simple basic questions to see if they know what they’re doing. Such as “What are you going to do with a portfolio? Who is ever going to pay you? Why do you want to go into the business? How are you going to get there? Most models can't answer any question correctly because they have no idea what they're doing.
Why would anyone get into a business and stay for years, and not know the answers to any of these simple basic questions? I shot a girl six months ago who had been in the business for 6 years, and didn’t know the answers to any of those questions. She'd never been published, and never made a penny. Does being told your beautiful put food in your stomach and pay your mortgage?” Many models don’t look at modeling as a high paying job, so Sims opens their eyes to the possibilities.
Last year at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010, Sims took his top model, Katerina Schload, by the hand and introduced her to all the top CEOs of the nutrition companies, and since then she has had a bidding war for the Arnold Sports Weekend 2011, Olympia Weekend 2011, and other expos. Many videos are out there with models praising him for his knowledge and professional advice, which make it very clear that he is not only a very highly experienced and educated photographer, but he is also a master and a teacher. Sims is in a division of his own. He knows it and handles it calmly and confidently.

Sims has guided thousands of models to successful careers in the fitness business. He confidently states, “Would you go to a doctor who doesn't have an office, never graduated from medical school, and doesn’t have a receptionist or nurses? Would you work with a lawyer who isn’t established, never passed the bar exam, or has never been to court?
Why would you shoot with a photographer who’s never been published and never made a penny with their work and expect that they're going to take you somewhere? Models that connect with me will be taken to the next level, their name will get out to the public, and the model will be getting paid in the process.” Sims is also sure to ask the models, "What's your nudity comfort level?" He shoots all models to the level of comfort they have in that department.
The name of the game is sensuality and all women have their own way of expressing that. All models that work with him receive copies of all the photos and HD video footage taken at the shoot, so the models are able to accurately critique themselves and improve their poses. Sims sees life and modeling as a jig saw puzzle. He just puts the pieces together, so it all works.

Rob Sims began his career at a very young age traveling to distant and rugged locations such as Tibet, Outer Mongolia, The Silk Road, Siberia, and Africa. He left his home in the UK and ventured off to explore the world. Driving around the eastern continents for 16 years on his motorcycle, Sims lived and hung out with the locals gaining access to off limit locations and taking amazing rare photos of locations most photographers couldn’t get to. He made his living by selling these photos to travel magazines. Sims loved to get dirty and even with his switch to shooting fitness models you’ll still find him rolling around in the mud. During his travels, Sims received over 7 years of education in photography from the best photographic schools in the world.

Trained in a pitch black studio on a 4x5 camera, he learned that if he didn’t light the subject correctly it wouldn’t appear on the film. He received training to turn his light meter off and shoot slide film with perfection. His formal education is in all aspects of photography, including advanced photographic skills, B/W master printing and color printing, including 2 years of body language which makes Sims able to know how someone feels before they even know it themselves. This ability allows him to coach his models to feel their poses, not just do them.

After traveling around the world shooting exotic locations Sims went on to shooting celebrities such as Halle Berry, “the Bay Watch girls”, Tom Hanks, Gabrielle Union, Pamela Anderson, and Van Dam. Sims was shooting most of the top celebrities in the business at that time. Later, Sims was asked to train a fitness photographer on how to shoot women which went successfully, afterwards causing many other photographers to seek him out for lessons. Sims connected with Bob Kennedy, major fitness magazine publisher, and became his exclusive photographer.
Together Rob Sims and Bob Kennedy changed the business to what it is today. Before Sims entered the fitness industry it was simply bodybuilding women doing manly poses in a string bikini. Sims brought in make-up artists, sexier swimwear, and taught the women to do more sensual and seductive poses. Sims claims fitness is more of a niche, where you are looking for the hardest body, the softest pretty face, an amazing personality, or as Bob Kennedy taught him many years ago, PIZZAZ. “A girl like that is worth a fortune,” he claims.

Sims resume is extensive with his list of celebrities, starting 11 successful magazines, to being a huge part of bringing “Stuff” magazine from the UK to the US. What you see is what you get with Rob Sims photography as he does not retouch his images, nor do most of the magazines he works with apart from the covers.
He averages approximately 20 covers and 2,500 inside pages a year. With his training in magazine layouts, marketing, and design, he usually accompanies the magazines to the printers where he works on the press and makes sure that he and the magazine get the best package they can. He’s held seminars for photographers of all ranges. He’s shared his mentoring skills with both photographers and models educating them with business planning and other skills to aid them in the industry.

He is an excellent photographer, business man, and mentor. Not only is he the most published fitness photographer in the industry, but when Sims takes his work to a magazine it goes directly to either the art director or publisher themselves. Typically, when photos are submitted they go through 2 or 3 people before even reaching the art director. When models shoot with Rob Sims they are guaranteed to be published as long as they’ve got what it takes and successfully make that connection with the camera.
He can successfully take a model as far as she wants to go. With his life experience, extensive education in photography, and his deep knowledge of the fitness industry, why would a fitness model want to shoot with anyone else?

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